About this Blog

This Blog's Context

This is my personal blog where I've been sharing opinions and information about things that I find interesting. One of my biggest personal interests lies in high-performance and scientific computing, and this hobby of mine has wound up being the focus of most of my posts. Since I started this blog, I also started working in the field of high-performance computing professionally.

This is still my personal blog though, and it contains my personal thoughts which do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, Microsoft. If I post about a particular company or product, it's because I think it's interesting, not because someone asked me to, and I try to be as transparent as possible about any potential conflicts of interest in each post.

I make no presumption that I know what I am talking about when I write new posts, so I may say things that are wrong or misguided. And if you see anything that's wrong, leave a comment or send me an email. I read them all.

I also maintain a separate personal webpage (www.glennklockwood.com) which contains more evergreen content related to high-performance scientific computing.

About Me

I currently live in Oakland, California with my lovely wife and our cat. Before moving to California, I lived in New Jersey which is where I grew up. My formal scientific background is nominally in materials science, but I studied ceramic engineering during my formative years and wrote my dissertation about modeling the surface chemistry of glass. I have no formal education in computer science. If you're really interested in more information about me, feel free to spy on me via LinkedIn or read my long-form biography on my personal website.

Here is a photo of my two cats, George (in the back) and Harriet. Sadly, George passed away in April 2024. Harriet's gotten a lot bigger since this photo was taken too.