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ISC’24 recap

I had the great pleasure of attending the ISC High Performance conference this month, marking the fifth time I've attended what has become one of my top must-attend industry conferences of the year. This year was particularly meaningful to me because it is the first time that: I attended ISC as a Microsoft employee. This is also the first time I've attended any HPC conference since I changed my focus from storage into AI infrastructure. I attended ISC in-person since before the pandemic. It's also the first time I've visited Hamburg which turned out to be an absolute delight. Although registrations have been lower since the pandemic, this year's final registration count was over 3,400 attendees, and there was no shortage of old and new colleagues to bump into walking between the sessions at the beautiful Congress Center Hamburg. This year's theme was "Reinvent HPC," and that idea—that HPC needs to reinvent itself—was pervasive throughout the program. T

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