OptiPlex 990 guts

I took a few photos of one of the Dell OptiPlex 990 business desktops I recently installed in our lab.  They're pretty standard as far as desktops go, but some of the pictures came out nicely.

Here's the processor and other guts.  I guess RAM has become sufficiently cheap that the upgraded 8GB that our university's contract gets takes the form of 2x 4GB instead of the 4x 2GB I would have assumed we'd get.

An overview of the chassis.  It's surprisingly well built, with a screw-free case design, sturdy latch to open the case itself, and a chassis intrusion detector.

I was a little put off that the hard drives mount in using these wacky disk rails, and unlike some other desktops (Sun Blade 1500 and HP C9000 workstations come to mind), spare caddies are not included.  Dell probably charges in the vicinity of $10 for one if you want to add a second drive.

Who knew that PS/2 ports were still being included on desktops?